The UTHSAVAR LORD PARTHASARATHY with wounds is seen all over his face reportedly received from arrows hit by Bhishma during the Mahabharatha war.(when he was the charioteer of Arjuna). He is accompanied by his consorts Rukmini and Sathyabhama. The idol of lord is in his splendor at the time of Bramhotsavam.


This temple is actually a dual shrine with a separate entrance facing west where LORD NARASIMHA OR THELLIYA SINGHAR,is seated facing west in a yogic form.He has a separate flag post (dwaasthambam) too.If LORD VENKATAKRISHNA gives courage to fight the enemies, LORD NARASIMHA gives the strength to face the enemies.


To the back of SRI PARTHASARATHY’s shrine is the shrine of SRI YOGA NARASIMHA seated in a yogic posture facing west.The utsavar is Sri THELLIYA SINGAR or AZHAGIYA SINGAR looks handsome with Abaya Hastha and Aahvana Hastha summoning devotees to him and get his grace in abundance.

Those who suffer in life pray to this lord and get his blessings. Their woes melt like the mist when the sun appears.He curse aliments and also people with mental disorders pray to him and normality is restored in their life.


LORD GAJENDRA VARADAR rides his garuda here and is in a walking posture. He is seen hurrying to save gajendra , the elephant king whose foot is held by a crocodile.But his grace his going to liberate the crocodile first and only the gajendra.

The Reason : God is delighted that the crocodile has caught the foot of his devotee. When he rushes to liberate animal why not humans. Devotees through to worship his lotus feet seeking libaration and end their sufferings. A ten-day festival is held for Lord in the month of VAIKASI.


Yet another lord appears here with his family. Like lord venkatakrishna, LORD RAMA haild as lord CHAKRAVARTHI THIRUMAGAN too is presented with his consort sita and brothers Barathan, Lakshmanan and Chatraugan and Hanuman. They appeared before Sage Madhumaan who performed penance here.


Both LORD VENKATAKRISHNA and LORD CHAKRAVARTHI THIRUMAGAN appear along with their families insisting on a FAMILY BOND. Unlike those days,brothers and families are splitting fast and people opt for satellite families. Bond and affection between brothers are missing these days and a visit to this temple will make devotees realize their family values.

LORD CHAKRAVARTHY THIRUMAGANS birthday,SRI RAMA NAVAMI is celebrated for nine days in the month of PANGUNI in a grand manner.


LORD RANGANATHA has a seperarte shrine where he is in a reclining posture(bhujanga). Sri Narasimha and Sri Varaha are seen on both sides . This vouches to the theory that Lord Narasimha was the real owner of the temple and had accommodate other lords. Lord ranganatha rest his head towords south,faces eats and has his lotus feet towards north.

Sri vedavalli thayar, is said to have been born to sage Brigu, who used to perform penance on the banks of kairavani tank, meaning Lily pond.

she is seated in a separate shrine and had married SRI MANNATHA (LORD RANGANATHAR). A legend says that various Lords seated in the temple had come to marry her and she choose LORD RANGANATHAas her husband, calling him “varum mannathare”(Welcome to my Lord mannatha).

The celestial wedding between SRI MANNATHAR and GODDESS VEDAVALLI is performed on the Dwadasi(12th) day of Thai-Masi. The wedding is performed according to Vaideeka tradition. The NAVARATHIRI Utsavam too is performed during the Dussera.


The great Tamil savant, Aandal has a special place in the temple of Triplicane. The MARGAZHI NEERATTU UTSHAVAM is performed to her in the month of MARGAZHI and her marriage to LORD PARTHASARATHY is performed on BHOGI day.

The THIRUVADIPOORAM utsavam(Birthday) is performed in the month of ADI.

During MARGAZHI, the streets around the temple sport a divine look and devotees go round the temple singing THIRUPPAVAI.

VAIKUNTA EKADASI, the pahal pathu and the Iraapaththu utsavams are celebrated to LORD PARTHASARATHY with pomp and gaiety.